Fonts & Graphics Subscription License

All fonts and graphics you download as part of any subscription are covered under this license. No exceptions.

Commercial License

The Commercial License is meant for anyone creating commercial work, such as (freelance) graphic designers, product sellers, professional crafters, video producers, digital designers, etc.

  • Download and install each and every font and graphic from Nubefy on your personal/work computers.
  • Create unlimited digital or physical designs using these fonts and graphics.
  • Sell these designs in exchange for money, services or other goods, such as: Using the fonts, you are allowed to create items that you sell on digital marketplaces. You are allowed to sell your items on physical markets/fairs/etc. You are allowed to exchange the designs for services or other goods. Create new designs to sell while you have an active subscription.
  • Resell or distribute the fonts or graphics.
  • You cannot include the actual font in a design you created for a customer – a separate license can be obtained for this (example: when you use a font to create a logo, you can send the logo and all the source files to your customer, you are not allowed to include the actual, installable font file though)
  • You cannot convert a font to different formats (for example SVG, Embroidery formats, etc) and sell those files.
  • You cannot include graphics (as-is or modified) in digital templates/products that you sell.
  • Create new designs using the fonts or graphics when you stop your subscription, example: Once you cancel your subscription you are not allowed to create new “Quotes / Banners / Shirts”. Once you cancel your subscription you are allowed to sell existing “Quotes / Banners / Shirts / etc” that you created in the past while you had an active subscription.